Choosing the right plants and herbs are important for indoor gardens because all plants are not suitable for that. The plants that require more and direct sunlight can never flourish inside your house. The reason is the plants in your apartment will not get direct sunlight for a long time. Even if you place them on the windowsills or balcony, most of the time you will not get sunlight for more than 5 hours.

So, if you have decided to make an indoor and don’t know what plants will suitable for it, the following list of best edible plants for indoor gardens will help you.

#1 Tomato

Tomato is one of the most common items of indoor gardens. Unlike other items in the list, tomato requires more caring. So, it would be suitable for anyone interested in gardening.

#2 Mint

Along with tomato, mint is another common item in the indoor gardens. It is very easy to grow. Another benefit of mint is that it looks fresh and clean than other plants. It is very tasty it is also good for the health. The fresh mint you have grown in your garden will be one of the healthiest options for your kids.

#3 Carrots

If you are in a low-temperature region, the carrot would be a great option for indoor gardens. You can get the seeds for the small types of carrots and plant them in pots. Remember, you will need a pot with at least one feet height for even small types of carrots because carrots grow to the ground. Carrot is a very healthy vegetable with lots of vitamins. You can eat them fresh once they are grown up.

#4 Lemons

Lemon plants would need more space, but it would look beautiful. You can get varieties of lemons in the nursery which are suitable for indoors. Lemon is rich with vitamin C, and it also contains several antioxidants.

#5 Ginger

The benefit of growing ginger is that it doesn’t require much caring or space. It will grow in the soil even if you don’t pay much attention to it. All you need to do is get ginger and plant inside soil in a container. It is better to place the ginger in a way so the freshest-looking bud of the ginger will face upwards. Then all you need ensure is that the soil is always moist. But don’t over-moist which is not good for any plant.

#6 Salad Greens

There are different kinds of green salad varieties including spinach and red leaf which are suitable for indoors. You can go and check the nearest nursery and ask them which one would be ideal for the indoors. The best one would vary based on the region.

#7 Basil

Basil is another fresh looking plant like mint. Moreover, the eugenol oil in the basil is very good for health. Basil needs direct sunlight and warm atmosphere, so it is an excellent option for the tropical region. It is better to use plastic container for basil. The soil for the basil should also contain sands and pebbles to get the best results.

#8 Green Beans

Although it might take a lot of space, beans items are a great option for indoors. Similar to tomato, beans also require good attention and caring. Once they began to grow, you will need to place some small sticks to make it stand stable. It needs soil with good moisture, and it will grow faster. If you are worried that the sticks and wires to give support and stability for the plat would make your home look messy, it is better avoiding it. However, many people love it grow beans in their balcony for years. It is a great hobby and very useful plant.

#9 Potato

Potato to easy is very easy to grow. All you need is a large basket or plastic sacks. Fill the container with soil and put some potato seeds in that. Since the container is large, adding compost to the soil can give better results.

#10 Mandarin Oranges

There are varieties of the mandarine orange suitable for indoors, and you can find them in your nearest nursery. The indoor varieties grow more like a shrub rather than a tree. So, it will not take much space in your home.

#11 Bell Pepper

Bell pepper is a variety of capsicum suitable for indoor gardens. It is one of the most versatile vegetables in the kitchen which you will find very useful. When you purchase the seeds or plants of the bell pepper, you should remember that the different color variants of bell pepper taste very differently. So you should choose the variety that you prefer.

#12 Beets

If you are a beginner in the gardening, beets would be the perfect option for you. It can grow in different environments so your lack of knowledge in the gardening and pants will not be a big problem.

#13 Radishes

Radish is another vegetable that you can easily grow in your indoor garden. It is fool-proof, and anyone can grow it. If your kids also want to be part of your indoor garden, you can let them take care of radish. Moreover, it will grow faster so you will get the results faster.

#14 Microgreens

Although micro-greens is an expensive item in the market, it is very easy to grow in our houses. You can decorate your plates with the microgreens. You can place the container in your windowsills or on a desk on your balcony. The biggest benefit of microgreens is that it will be ready to be harvested within three weeks.

#15 Cilantro

When you want to grow cilantro indoors, you should seeds because transplanting cilantro will not work very well. Moreover, you should also use sandy solid for the cilantro

#16 Parsley

Parsley is a delicious and healthy option to garnish your plates. Parsley plants should get around 6 hours sunlight daily. The leaves of the parsley will be ready within 7 weeks after you have planted the seeds.