Our Process

We are a professional interior design company, and we follow a systematic process in each project. This helps us to understand the clients better and create plans that align with their requirements, preferences, style, and budget.

Primary Conversation

We believe we need to be a good listener and understand the clients better to design the perfect home for them. We will have the conversation in-person or via phone/Skype depending on your convenience.
We want to know everything about our client including their idea of a dream home, their requirements, lifestyle, culture, faith, personal preferences, budget, etc. This helps us to design a personalized home that will reflect their personality and style.
We consider the maximum amount the client is willing to spend and their requirements. We will try our best to give the best value for their money. For budget-friendly projects, we try our best reduce the cost through several wise steps.


We will show you some of the best works in interior design to give the client more ideas on different possibilities. This may include patterns, textures and color combination. These images may provide new ideas to the client, and they may come up with new concepts for their home.
By the way, you can also look inspiration on websites like Pinterest and Instagram which have a huge collection of photos interior design.

Prepare an Estimate

Clients interested in our services can send us a basic proposal containing their requirements and expected budget.
If the client didn’t give us the proposal, we would create one for them based on their inputs during the primary conversations. Then we share this with the client and get their opinion. After that, we prepare an estimate for the proposal to give the client a basic idea of the budget.

Visualization – Space Planning

We analyze the house and plan how space should be used. We then draw the plan defining different zones in each room and the circulation pattern which will show how people will move through space. The drawing will give a rough idea of the structure of the room.
We create several such plans to show you different ways we can design the space. We will have a secondary conversation about the initial plans to get your feedback. We will make necessary changes in the plans based on your inputs and finalize a plan.

Visualization – 3D

A 2D drawing of a plan won’t give you the exact picture of how space would look and feel like. Our designers will create the 3D representation of the plans to help you really understand how the rooms would look like after the work. The computer generated 3D image will contain details of color, pattern, and texture. If you don’t appreciate particular aspects of the design, we will change that based on your preferences.

Final Approval of the Design and Budget

After several rounds of conversation and meeting, we finalize a design. After that, we prepare a detailed budget based on the different costs. At this stage, we are willing to make adjustments in the plan if the budget exceeds the expectation of our client.
Generally, we cut the cost by choosing less expensive materials. Sometimes we may reduce some of the items from the plan to balance the budget. After agreeing upon the budget and design, we will sign a legal document. We will acknowledge in the legal document that we have agreed to do the said interior design works for the said amount within said time.

Purchasing & Manufacturing

We place the orders for the materials required for your home. The materials that are directly used will be shipped to your home as the work progress.
Materials required for manufacturing the furniture and other elements will be shipped either to the clients’ house or our studio. Our carpenters will then take care of manufacturing and shaping the pieces required for furniture items like modular kitchen cabinets and wardrobes, etc. We will then take them to the site and assemble them at the site.
When we do most of the work at our carpentry studio, it will reduce the time we work on your home and reduce the mess associated with carpentry.

Project Execution

Our professionals and skilled laborers take over the site and begin the execution. We install the furnishing and other materials we have manufactured. We give keen attention to the details and will replicate the agreed design with all its perfection. The work will progress smoothly in front of your eyes as planned.
We are committed to the profession and never compromise the quality of our work. An experienced supervisor will manage the work and ensure everything goes as planned. You won’t have to worry about any hassle during the entire execution. Our supervisors are experienced enough to tackle any challenges that may come up during the work.

Interior Decoration

Interior decorators enhance the aesthetic appeal of the rooms by choosing lightings, small fittings, rugs, window treatments, and other small decorative elements. We have different sources to get exclusive decorative items that can lend your home a unique style.
Some of the accessories will be purchased beforehand which we will install immediately after the structural works are over. After that, we can give you several more ideas to improve the home with more elements. Since they are ordered after the final works, it may take a couple of days to be delivered.


We complete the work within the deadline and deliver it to the client. Then we make sure that you are completely satisfied with our work and handover the site back to you. If you have any complaint about the work we have done, you can immediately contact the supervisor or our office. We will look into the issue and try our best to fix them as soon as possible.

After Sales Service

We provide up to 5 years for certain materials and furnishings. We will take care of any damages to that material, and we will replace them with new ones.

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