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Our Process

We are a professional interior design company, and we follow a systematic process in each project. This helps us to understand the clients better and create plans that align with their requirements, preferences, style, and budget.

    Gathering Client’s Requirements

    Our interior design process at D2M Interiors is a meticulously structured journey aimed at translating our clients’ visions into tangible, aesthetically pleasing spaces. The initial phase involves project acquisition through collaborative efforts from our proficient sales team, website referrals, and an established presence on platforms like Google. Once a potential project is identified, we promptly schedule an appointment with the client, during which we conduct a thorough site visit to understand the space intricacies and gather the client’s specific requirements.

    Developing Intricate 3D Designs

    Following this, we provide a detailed estimation tailored to their needs. Upon the client’s confirmation of the estimation, our team commences the creative process by developing intricate 3D designs. We seek and obtain client approvals based on these designs, ensuring alignment with their expectations. With approval secured, we present a final comprehensive presentation, providing a clear vision of the anticipated result.

    Initiating the Construction

    The subsequent phase involves translating the approved 3D design into detailed 2D drawings. We initiate the actual project work based on precise measurements from these drawings. Throughout the construction phase, our dedicated site supervisor ensures continuous communication with the client through updates every two days, maintaining transparency and addressing any concerns promptly.

    Successful Project Delivery

    Our commitment to precision and client satisfaction remains unwavering, as we bring each project to fruition, ensuring that the final outcome aligns accurately with the initially approved 3D designs. This thorough and collaborative approach defines our process, ensuring a seamless journey from concept to completion for every project we undertake.

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