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Building the structure of the house is only one step toward fulfilling your dream about a blissful home. Your house is incomplete without a proper interior design.
We can help you with the complete interior design of your home at an your rate and preferences. People may have different ideas and preferences about the interior design of your dream home. While some people in Chennai prefer economy packages due to budget constraints, some other people want highly graceful designs with luxury and comfort.
The requirements of the people may vary, but we have special interior design packages in Chennai to meet any interior design requirement.


Basic Package

We provide basic interior design packages for ordinary houses and apartments. This package would include the minimal amenities with minimal finish options.

This package will cover all major interior design works include the following things

On average, the basic package would cost around 2 Lakh INR for 2BHK houses and 2.5 INR Lakh for 3BHK houses. The price would vary based on the type of material you choose for each work.


Elegant Package

Apart from the items included in the basic plan, the elegant package offers the following as well.

The average cost of this package is around 2.5 Lakh INR for 2 BHK homes and 3 Lakh INR for 3 BHK houses.

In elegant package, we use materials and accessories with better quality compared to the basic package.


Luxury Package

This package starts from 3 Lakh INR for the 2BHK houses and 3.5 Lakh INR for the 3 BHK houses.

Besides the amenities offered under the premium package, the luxury package also includes the following works.

We use high-quality accessories and materials to give that extra look for the luxury interiors. We also give importance to give the house an overall elegant look and feel with special interior decoration.


Custom-tailored Packages

If you don’t want particular work under a package or have more requirements which are not listed in the general packages, we will tailor a special package for you,

Most of the time, your requirements will be completely out of the scope of our general packages. In such cases, our consultants will create a special plan for you and prepare the estimate.

So, you can hand pick the type of work and materials you prefer, and we can deliver you exactly what you need.


Interior Renovation Packages

We also help people to refurbish their old interior and give it a new look and feel. We upgrade the style of the interior to the latest trends.

We can also add extra functionalities and amenities to your house during the home renovation. The packages are custom tailored depending on the requirements.

Our common interior renovation services include kitchen renovation and bathroom renovation. These are the two places most of the people want to be refurbished.


Bathroom Renovation Package

Whether it is adding an extra bathroom to your independent home or refurbishing the old style bathroom, our bathroom renovation package will provide you with exactly what you need.

We help you pick the best materials and accessories for your bathroom and improve the functionality. Apart from the visual design, quality and functionality, we also give importance to sustainability.

We take special measures to ensure the efficient use of water.


Kitchen Renovation Package

Our kitchen renovation packages will transform your kitchen into a beautiful and functional space which will make your life a lot easier.

We give special focus on making the kitchen usable and functional to enhance your cooking experience. We incorporate the latest facilities in the kitchen to make cooking easier.

A kitchen with the right facilities and right structure will help you complete your works faster. It will make working in the kitchen more interesting and fun. Ultimately, you can save your valuable time and improve your cooking experience if you have a well-designed kitchen with the right facilities.

We can build you that ideal kitchen through our kitchen renovation packages.


Modular Kitchen

Your kitchen will never look cluttered, and unorganized of you have a modular kitchen.

A modular kitchen is the best solution to create a highly functional and beautiful kitchen. Modular kitchen is not a trend anymore. It has become a necessity, and almost all people now choose a modular kitchen.

The biggest benefit of modular kitchen is the amazing storage facilities. It will provide you with plenty of cabinets to keep your crockeries and kitchenware organized. Your kitchen will be clean and neat always.

Apart from that, the modular kitchen also enhances the look and feel of a kitchen. Depending on the materials you use for the cabinets, it can give a different feeling. You can even try a high-gloss finishing for your modular kitchen cabinets which will shine your kitchen.


Affordable Interior Design Packages in Chennai

We provide special affordable interior design packages for those who want to finish the projects on a small budget.

These packages are tailored based on the preferences and requirements of the clients. We help our clients to identify alternative and affordable ways to design an interior. This will give you more inexpensive options which will ultimately help you reduce the expense.

We have years of experience in the industry and learned several tricks to give a luxury look for the interior without a luxury price tag.


Minimalist Interior Design

The minimalist interior design is a way of creating simple, peaceful and orderly interiors spaces. This style focuses on clean and minimal space with lots of free space.

This is a very elegant style, and many luxurious interior spaces follow this due to the freedom it promises. The Apple Stores are a perfect example of the minimalist interior design.

Following minimalist style is an elegant way to complete the interior design of your home at a reasonable budget.

You don’t have to purchase a lot of furniture pieces and other accessories to beautify your home. Minimalism is the beauty. Cluttering a space with lots of items and rich design destroys the original beauty.

The furniture pieces and other elements you would have in a minimalist room will be very simple. This also helps you to reduce your cost.


Do you want a professional yet affordable interior designer to design your living space? We can meet any interior design requirement in Chennai.




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